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"We were first introduced to Tony Jackson over 7 years ago by a family friend who was an insurance agent. He brought Tony to our family because he knew of his experience and knowledge in the area of financial services. My elderly parents were concerned with protecting their life savings and being able to pass a legacy on to my siblings and I. Tony implemented a plan that accomplished every thing my parents wanted."



"As I was working with another financial advisor, my son introduced me to Tony Jackson to get a second opinion. Tony took the time to research the options that I was given by the other advisor and how it compared to what he could provide. He presented the options to my son and I, and we chose Tony’s plan. I’ve found working with Tony, I have a very accessible and knowable professional. Even during the turmoil of the recent markets, Tony called me to share that I had made money!"



"As a Millennial, I received an inheritance and was looking for an advisor who could help me establish a wealth legacy plan. My mother and I were introduced to Tony Jackson. Tony took the time and explained various options including the KaiZen strategy which we have successfully implemented. My financial outlook now includes more than a million dollars of tax free income."

Tony Jackson began his career as an Accounting Supervisor at major insurance company prior to being selected to pursue agency ownership. As a Financial Services Professional, he has experienced great success including various state, regional, and national awards including Chairman's Circle and President's Club. He is licensed in over 20 states and is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI).
Tony has served in many leadership positions including his current roles as a National Marketing Director with First Financial Security, Inc. He is the founder of The Toney Jackson Agency and The Real Money Coach LLC, a financial literacy and empowerment firm. He is a highly sought-after presenter and trainer. Over his 25-year career, his client base and audiences range from millennials to seniors; middle class to millionaires; individuals and business owners. He is truly a client-focused financial coach with a track record of success.
Tony currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his lovely wife, Alisa. They have been married for 29 years and have four children and three grandchildren. Tony is also a licensed and ordained Minister and has over 20 years of ministry leadership experience.
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